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  1. The Faculty of Engineering, Damietta University, publishes its scientific journal, Faculty of Engineering, Damietta University.
  2. The journal is a semi-annual journal in which the research is published by the faculty or researchers at Universities, scientific institutes, research centers or equivalent at home and abroad
  3. A special issue may be issued for any of the scientific works that are published by an editorial board. The magazine is issued in the case of increasing the number of pages of the pages in force in the rules. Publication or request by researchers.
  4. The Journal accepts scientific research relating to various disciplines of the engineering field from theoretical, practical, and analytical research to physical implications and theoretical or quantitative discussion intended for both academic and industrial progress. The Journal aims to provide scientific knowledge to its readers in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Surveying Engineering, Architectural Engineering, and Engineering Mathematics and Physics.
  5. Works submitted for publication in the journal must be original and have not been published before.
  6. The origin of the research will be sent to the editor of the magazine. The research is followed by the name of the researcher whose job is to provide a summary of the research within the limits of 151 words. To the editorial board to address the universities.
  7. The work submitted shall be subject to secret arbitration. The level the Republic by providing masters of masters in different disciplines.
  8. Papers written in both Arabic and English can be accepted and published in areas. The specialization in which the journal is concerned is according to the rules of publication and arbitration in the magazine.